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Marg eOrder App, an impeccable Android & iOS Based Mobile App designed specifically to facilitate salesman & distributors to take orders from their retail customers easily. The eOrder Salesman App can feed order locally anytime from anywhere for their area’s retail customers and integration/Sync with Software.

Marg eOrder is an Android & iOS Based Mobile App specially designed to facilitate distributors To take orders from their retail customers anytime, anywhere.

This incredible salesman business app will definitely increase your sales revenue with its PUSH SALE concept (Focus, Near Expiry & Dump Items), while significantly decreasing mistakes and most importantly saves huge money for the distributor and companies that are spending on managing simple ordering process.

  • Easy order creation/edition/deletion by Salesmen
  • View date-wise & item-wise order of retailer
  • Quick view of Generated orders
  • Item-wise color reflect
  • Full Control on ordering system by allowing beyond limit setting for order placing